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Video tutorials for plain film and ultrasound imaging


On this page we have our collection of video tutorials on reading plain films and performing ultrasound examinations. Once you have developed a familiarity with the basics, you can refine the technique to a method that suits you. We also have some videos teaching you useful radiology related facts. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to keep up to date with new videos!

Ultrasound Tutorial: Inguinal / Femoral Hernia

Ultrasound Tutorial: Appendix

Ultrasound Tutorial: Achilles Tendon

Ultrasound Tutorial: DVT / Lower Limb Veins

Ultrasound Tutorial: FAST scan [Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma]

Ultrasound Tutorial: Kidney / Bladder / Urinary Tract

Radiograph Tutorial: CXR Interpretation

Radiograph Tutorial: CXR Consolidation

Bitesized Tutorial: Hydronephrosis Grading

Anatomy Tutorial: Thorax

Bitesized Tutorial: Todani Classification

Anatomy Tutorial: Abdomen